About education system

On the basis of the principle of continuity between all levels of education, the education system of the Republic of Kazakhstan includes the following levels of education:

Preschool education and training

General educational programs of preschool education and training are developed on the basis of the Compulsory State Education Standard (CSES) for preschool education and training, taking into account the types of activities specific to preschool children:

1) ensure continuity between preschool and primary education, taking into account the principle of unity of upbringing, education, development and healthcare of children;

2) focus on the encouragement and development of the inclinations, abilities, talents of each child and prepare them to master the educational program of primary education on the basis of an individual approach, taking into account the peculiarities of development and health status;

3) are aimed at forming elementary reading, writing, counting and communication skills and provide for the creation of equal starting conditions for primary education learning.

Primary education

General education programs of primary education are aimed at the formation of the child's personality; the development of their individual abilities, positive motivation and skills in educational activities: considerable reading, writing, counting skills, verbal communication experience, self-actualisation in terms of creativity, behavior culture. All of which are needed for the next stage of education, which is secondary school.

Basic secondary education

General educational programs of basic secondary education are aimed at mastering the basic foundations of the sciences system by students, forming a high level of interpersonal and interethnic communication, individual's self-determination and career orientation.

The program includes pre-vocational training of students.

The study of each subject's content is completed at the level of basic secondary education.

The period of mastering the general educational program of basic secondary education is five years.

Secondary education (general secondary education, TVET)

Education programs of general secondary education are developed on the basis of differentiation, integration and career orientation of the educational content with an introduction of specialized training.

Mastering the educational program of general secondary education takes two years.

Kazakhstanis receive general secondary education at schools, lyceums and gymnasiums.

Technical and vocational education — at specialized schools or colleges, upon graduation students are awarded the "mid-level specialist" qualification or a corresponding work qualification.

Post-secondary education

Educational programs of post-secondary education are delivered at higher colleges or specialized schools.

A student who has obtained the final certification for mastering the educational program of post-secondary education is awarded the "applied bachelor" qualification.

Higher education

Higher education in the Republic of Kazakhstan can be received by people who already have a general secondary, technical, vocational or post-secondary education.

Postgraduate education

Postgraduate education can refer to one of the following: a master's degree, residency or doctoral degree.

It will take at least two years to complete a scientific and pedagogical master's degree, and at least one year for a specialized one.

To obtain a degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) / a doctor in any other field must successfully complete at least 3 years of doctoral training and defend a dissertation.

The residency has been created for postgraduate medical education.

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